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I have achieved "imperfect success".

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Birthdate:Feb 18

I am the mother of 6 children: 4 living and 2 in Heaven.

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Breastfeeding is very important to me.

Nathan and Bastian's ribbons (18+ months of exclusive pumping for twins, ribbons by jespere):
6 week pumping ribbon3 month pumping ribbon6 month pumping ribbon9 month pumping ribbon12 month pumping ribbon18 month pumping ribbon

Eli's ribbons (18 months, self-weaned):

Haley's ribbons (24 months, self-weaned):

I love to read, and annually do the 50 Book Challenge.

Book Count Meter:
2 / 50

I'm very random.
I'm a WAHM who loves to make and sell craft work.
I was raised in NYC and lived in the Boston area.
I don't use cut tags for text.
I'm obsessed with Post-Its.
I ramble a lot. Seriously... a lot.

If this is all right up your alley, comment to introduce yourself, and enjoy.
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